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How to use your mobile device as CMS?

Berkay Demirbasβ€’

First of all, it's not the recommended way to writing content and push to your repository with mobile devices.

Maybe it just works if you cannot access your computer. Or maybe you can use this method when you cannot access your computer for your content that needs to be corrected very urgently.

You can use it on vacation or travel but you should enjoy your holiday and rest while on vacation. 🏝

Let's assume that this case is a JAMstack project and you use the markdown as a content database.

Markdown Editors πŸ“

It will give you an advantage to write your contents using a markdown editor with preview feature.

iA Writer

Whit this markdown editor, you can check your number of characters, words and sentences while the writings.

You can download here.


It's advanced markdown editor for every text based things, quick notes to in-depth essays.


Dillinger is an online cloud-enabled, HTML5, buzzword-filled Markdown editor, that you can easily use with the chrome browser on your mobile device.


It's really powerfull fot relational notes, wikis, databases. Notion has desktop and mobile apps available, as well as a web-based interface. You create an account for yourself and your organization β€” the accounts are used to sync everything with Notion’s servers.


Trello has excellent support for basic Markdown syntax.

Generating URL

You have to generate SEO-friendly clean URLs for file names or file paths to slugs without CMS, as manually.

You can try a URL tools or case generators. Especially kebab case!

What is Kebab Case?

In kebab case, all letters are written in lower case and the words are separated by a hyphen or minus sign. "Kebab Case" becomes "kebab-case".


Of course, it is very difficult to access your git repository from mobile devices. Instead, you can try deploy methods using the APIs of the markdown editors above.

But the best method is to open your git repository in your mobile browser and create a new branch.

Upload your content file and merge it.

What about current Headless CMSs?

There are of course content tools in many CMSs. However, the rich text editor or markdown editors in these CMS, do not work very well on mobile devices, as compatible as the stable apps above. Also not at the editorial level.

And yes, this post is written with a mobile device. πŸ˜€

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